Do you play Go? Are looking for people who also play Go in the Hudson Valley? Then you’re in the right place. Hudson Valley Go is a official American Go Association AGA club for the Hudson Valley New York USA

What is Go, you ask?

Video summary ( very good )

AGA what is go or Wikipedia

Now I want to learn, were do I start?

Senseis Beginner Study

Senseis Go Proverbs ( The next level)

Online-go Interactive Learning

Play Go online against an AI

Questions, comments, inquiries please email:

Send an email to the above address and ask for a link to join AGA for only $15 (normal cost it $30). Membership matters, please helps us build the club.


Hyde Park Free Libary
2 Main Street
Hyde Park, NY 12538
Phone: 845-229-7791
First Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm in the Annex

Code of Conduct
Everyone must adhere to the AGA code of conduct to attend and interact with anyone you MUST agree and adhere to the code. No exceptions, no excuses.

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